KK Producing new Mediaeval Baebes album

Life is currently mediaeval mayhem, as I’ve found myself in the company of six fair maidens known as the Mediaeval Baebes.

I’m home in London producing the girls’ sixth album, and we’re having a blast. It’s sounding fantastic.

More on this later, for now here are a few ‘behind the scenes’ pics of us recording at Air studios..

KK Kerrigan at Air Studios KK record producer with Olga engineer at Air Studios KK and Mediaeval Babe Esther Dee

KK and Mediaeval Baebe Claire Rabbit KK Kerrigan on Neve Console at Air Recording Studios Katharine Blake of Mediaeval Babes at Air Studios KK records Mediaeval Baebes album at Air Studios


Author: KK

Life, the universe and everything with music composer Kevin Kerrigan (aka KK) KK's diverse music includes work with Bjork, Brian Eno, Hollywood films and more.. www.21stcenturygenius.com

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