The Rainbow Collections Vol 2 : Toybox

Have kids? Tired of hearing the usual irritating cheesy keyboard arrangements by the likes of tweenies, postman pat etc?.. Is the soundtrack to your kids playtime becoming unbearable?…

Enough is enough, throw away the junkfood kids musak and put on our new childrens’ album, “Toybox” !

The album was created by myself and Sophie Barker (of Zero 7) as the second
part of our Rainbow Collections series of quality music for children. Volume 1
‘Lullaby’ was released a few years ago and has become a word of mouth success amongst children & grownups alike (I even heard of an old couple who play it nightly to their dogs)

If you’re familiar with Lullaby, you’ll get the idea.. Again we tried to re-imagine these classic songs which have been ‘lost’ over the years, spoiled by countless awful arrangements, and for once make music of quality for children (and the grown ups around them).

It’s a record for daytime, a soundtrack for playtime, featuring all the classic fun kids songs from Grand Old Duke Of York to Humpty Dumpty.. And as they’re the traditional nursery rhymes and childrens songs, here’s also some history, english language and all round education your kids (and you!) might pick up along the way..

Find out more and hear clips etc at :