3D music and soundtrack escapism – enter the Empty World..

Close your eyes, leave reality behind and escape into a fantasy world of your choosing.. with Empty World – the atmospheric new soundtrack album by Kevin Kerrigan (or KK to his friends).

It’s an epic experience – The Steampunk Orchestra (backed by a full choir) perform a rich, cinematic work which journeys from grand flights of fantasy to the intimate, reflective, and dreamlike.

KK’s music is as ever, a melting pot of influences – a diverse background, working with the likes of Brian Eno, Bjork, and Hollywood’s James Newton Howard is evident – together with a subtle range of colour drawn from the worlds of film, classical, and electronic (Eno, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Wagner, Demdike Stare, Korngold and Faure to name but a few).  It’s a postmodern sound which is unclassifiable – part ambient, part filmscore, part something else entirely..

“There’s too much music now. Too much stuff. We live in a time of information overload, so there’s something luxurious and liberating about turning out the lights and escaping, completely immersing yourself in a soundscaped dreamworld”

Kevin Kerrigan - Empty World soundtrack album (2011)

Paradoxically, Empty World is a soundtrack to a film which exists solely in the mind.   “Maybe there should be a new genre called ISM – Imaginary Soundtrack Music”, says KK, “many of us love a good soundtrack, but it’s not always ideal to listen to, as it’s made to fit a specific picture or story. There’s too much association burdening the music. This is designed to be experienced with the ears alone. To spark the imagination and dream to. I’ve had messages from writers saying they play my music to help put them in a creative headspace – what an honour!  But, yes that exactly where it works best.”

composer Kevin Kerrigan

What’s on the bonus disk (special edition)?

“It’s a DVD – a 5:1 surround sound version.  The DVD contains no pictures just music, which you play in “3D” through your home cinema system. I love the completely immersive experience, though some people prefer the good old stereo CD/ipod on headphones – it’s entirely personal.

Empty World is designed to help escape the dull burdens of the real world and just holiday for 45 minutes.   Films and gaming are powerful portals to escape dull reality.  This is less didactic though, and doesn’t require spoonfed imagery or ‘story’.  Our ‘mind movies’ are more incredible than any film could ever be – that’s why reading a great book can be such a surprisingly powerful experience, and waking up from a particularly special (or lurid) dream can be such a disappointment!”

“Empty World” is out now to download from iTunes, Amazon and on Special Edition Two Disk (CD + Surround DVD) at KK’s website – www.KKTheMusic.com