3D music and soundtrack escapism – enter the Empty World..

Close your eyes, leave reality behind and escape into a fantasy world of your choosing.. with Empty World – the atmospheric new soundtrack album by Kevin Kerrigan (or KK to his friends).

It’s an epic experience – The Steampunk Orchestra (backed by a full choir) perform a rich, cinematic work which journeys from grand flights of fantasy to the intimate, reflective, and dreamlike.

KK’s music is as ever, a melting pot of influences – a diverse background, working with the likes of Brian Eno, Bjork, and Hollywood’s James Newton Howard is evident – together with a subtle range of colour drawn from the worlds of film, classical, and electronic (Eno, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Wagner, Demdike Stare, Korngold and Faure to name but a few).  It’s a postmodern sound which is unclassifiable – part ambient, part filmscore, part something else entirely..

“There’s too much music now. Too much stuff. We live in a time of information overload, so there’s something luxurious and liberating about turning out the lights and escaping, completely immersing yourself in a soundscaped dreamworld”

Kevin Kerrigan - Empty World soundtrack album (2011)

Paradoxically, Empty World is a soundtrack to a film which exists solely in the mind.   “Maybe there should be a new genre called ISM – Imaginary Soundtrack Music”, says KK, “many of us love a good soundtrack, but it’s not always ideal to listen to, as it’s made to fit a specific picture or story. There’s too much association burdening the music. This is designed to be experienced with the ears alone. To spark the imagination and dream to. I’ve had messages from writers saying they play my music to help put them in a creative headspace – what an honour!  But, yes that exactly where it works best.”

composer Kevin Kerrigan

What’s on the bonus disk (special edition)?

“It’s a DVD – a 5:1 surround sound version.  The DVD contains no pictures just music, which you play in “3D” through your home cinema system. I love the completely immersive experience, though some people prefer the good old stereo CD/ipod on headphones – it’s entirely personal.

Empty World is designed to help escape the dull burdens of the real world and just holiday for 45 minutes.   Films and gaming are powerful portals to escape dull reality.  This is less didactic though, and doesn’t require spoonfed imagery or ‘story’.  Our ‘mind movies’ are more incredible than any film could ever be – that’s why reading a great book can be such a surprisingly powerful experience, and waking up from a particularly special (or lurid) dream can be such a disappointment!”

“Empty World” is out now to download from iTunes, Amazon and on Special Edition Two Disk (CD + Surround DVD) at KK’s website – www.KKTheMusic.com


humbug? bloggers review Snowflake (The Rainbow Collections christmas album)

here’s what bloggers this week had to say about Snowflake (KK & Sophie Barker’s brand new, Xmas themed,  Rainbow Collections album)….


Snowflake (by Sophie Barker & KK)

This is a truly lovely album. I would happily have purchased this and I think that if you like Christmas then you should too.  Children love to sing and listen to Christmas tracks and this CD offers a super twist on the traditional.  It hits the spot for both kids and adults as the songs are known and accessible to the children and there are even some kids singing on some of the tracks but Sophie Barker who sings the tracks has the most beautiful voice and makes it easy for an adult to listen and enjoy.

The kids and I have already chosen our favourite tracks –
Miss E – Santa’s Little Helpers
Miss M – Frostie The Snowman
Me – Let It Snow!
JJ – Little Donkey

…. and for your delight (well that might be going a bit far actually) is JJ singing Little Donkey, accompanied by the CD playing. You will see him using the words in the lovely little hard back book that the CD comes in.



Snowflake – Christmas Songs CD

It’s nearly December ! Time to get the Christmas CDs out and leave them permanently in the CD players in the car and the house ! Well, thanks to the lovely people at Sony, I now have a new one to add to my collection. Aptly called Snowflake, its cheery red colour and smiley snowflake design are guaranteed to make you feel Christmassy even before you hit play.

The cover declares that this is a CD of “fun festive favourites for children and grown-ups”, and I totally agree with that. It has the classic songs that most children will know and be able to join in with and the singer pronounces the words extremely clearly so if your little ones are trying to learn the words it’s perfect. It’s parent friendly too because it’s not annoying to listen to, like some kid-oriented music compilations which end up doing your head in after a few listens, and it’s not at all headachey.

Snowflake is the final album in a trilogy created by Rainbow Collections, the first two being Lullaby, a children’s bedtime CD, and Toybox, a collection of nursery rhymes for playtime. Judging by the fact that 5-year-old Juliette can’t help getting up and bopping around the room while singing loudly along and Pierre giggles and bounces in his chair waving his arms around every time I put it on, I’m sure the other two CDs would be great for toddlers and young children too.

The blurb says : “Snowflake brings to life traditional Christmas songs recreated by the voice of trip-hop band, Zero 7, lead singer Sophie Barker and producer KK who has worked with many famous artists including Bjork and Brian Eno.” Don’t expect trip hop or rock music though – this is a very “easy listening” calming CD to listen to that is ideal for calming the kids down ready for nap time (afte a boogie around the room).

It features 16 tracks and many of the popular Christmas classics are on there, including ‘Jingle bells’, ‘Frosty the Snowman’, ‘Deck the halls’, ‘Little Donkey’ and ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’. The album also features a brand new Christmas song called ‘Santa’s Little Helpers’ sung by Sophie Barker and accompanied by the London children’s choir. You can’t get more Christmassy than a kids’ choir !

Some of the Christmas CDs I’ve got are overly cheesy or sound really old-fashioned (anyone for a bit of Bing Crosby ?!) but that’s not the case for Snowflake. It sounds a bit like the type of songs you’d get on CBeebies which probably explains why the kids have so readily adopted it and sing and dance along happily. But even the adults can’t help grinning and singing along when the kids falter on the words of Frosty the Snowman ! The arrangements are really jazzy and guaranteed to make you do a bit of armchair-dancing which will help to burn off some of those mince pies and Christmas cocktails !

All together now … Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way … !

star rating : 4.5/5


The Rainbow Collections – Snowflake CD

The rainbow collection – snowflake is a delightful CD filled with Christmas music that is great for children and adults sung with a modern twist.

Initial Thoughts: I have to say I wasn’t filled with much hope for Snowflake, which is aimed at children and adults.  I was sure it would be too twee for me to listen too.  However, the boys were keen to get on in the car where it has remained since.

We liked: This is a delightful CD fill with 16 traditional Christmas songs including Frosty the Snowman, White Christmas, The First Noel and Oh Little Town.  It is sung by Sophie Baker and I have to say that is a really classy Christmas Album.  I love the fact that the boy sign along to all the songs and as of yet I have not tired of hearing this Album.

We weren’t keen: There was nothing at all off putting about this album.  It was a big hit.

Overall: Snowflake is a fantastic Christmas Album which will be played again and again over the festive season.  Even my mum asked who was signing the songs as she loved her voice.  It is a very serene album without the normal lack of tune you often get with arrangement done for children.
Jen [The Mad House]



Snowy review

Uh hello? Where’s my snow? I’ve got wellies this year and everything.
London seems to have been bypassed by the snow fairy… it’s frosty but that’s not much fun.

At least I have something snow related… I’ve been listening to Snowflake, the last in the trilogy from The Rainbow Collections. It’s a compilation of festive songs, some traditional such as Little Donkey, some classics like Winter Wonderland and a new song “Santa’s Little Helpers’. All are sung by Sophie from Zero 7 and have the same contemporary edge to them that Toybox did.

K loves jumping around to Frosty the Snowman and it’s definitely been getting us into the Christmas spirit. There’s only so much Cliff Richard, Slade and Shaky that I can take (don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of cheese but when I’ve heard Noddy Holder wail “It’s Chreeeeesmass” for the twentieth time I feel like stabbing myself in the eye with holly).

I’m not so keen on Santa’s Little Helpers, maybe it’ll grow on me, but the other tracks are a lovely mix of calm songs for you to listen to with your little ones, and tunes you can all bounce about to.

It’s available to buy from Amazon, Play.com and HMV.


Snowflake: Beautiful Christmas songs for you and your family

This year we’re very excited, ok, I’m very excited, as it’s bubba’s first Christmas. This means I get to go completely over the top with buying Christmas presents, putting the decorations up and generally getting into the Christmas spirit earlier than ever. So I was very happy to review Snowflake, the new CD from The Rainbow Collections.

Following the success of Lullaby, a children’s bedtime CD, and Toybox, a collection of nursery rhymes for playtime, the Rainbow Collections has released the final album in its trilogy – Snowflake. Snowflake brings to life traditional Christmas songs.
The album includes 16 tracks of new arrangements of classic Christmas songs and festive favourites the whole family can enjoy over the festive period. as well as a brand new Christmas song called ‘Santa’s Little Helpers’.

We’ve been playing the CD over the last few days and it’s lovely music to relax too. I’m sure Edward isn’t too aware of what’s going on but he’s happy to watch me sing along and dance with me! The CD features some of my favourite songs including Jingle bells and We wish you a Merry Christmas. This is a definite keeper and will be brought out every year to get us in the mood for Christmas.


Review: Snowflake CD & The Night Before Christmas
Snowflake, The Rainbow Collections (Sony Music UK)

I was sent this CD for review earlier last week. I only bring you reviews of what I actually like. Well… and we like this CD. It has all the classics (Jingle Bells, Let it Snow, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer) as well as some more American Christmas songs (Frosty the Snowman, Santa’s Little Helpers). It is jolly, it is happy and well Christmassy, can’t say fairer than that. You may say it is slightly jazzier version of the favourites, but I am  not a music expert, so not sure if that is a fair description. The Englishman seems to like it and he is usually the one to reject things. We played this CD whilst making our Christmas cookies and we played it again yesterday, when we decorated the living room and had our first nibble at said cookies. And it worked. I think it’s lovely.



Posted 01/12/2010
I absolutely love it. I particularly like the book with it – it’s fab!!! Thank you!!!!
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Posted 01/12/2010
it’s great, the book is lovely!
Thank you
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Posted 01/12/2010
its beautifully presented and we all sang along to the christmas tunes over tea this evening.
Has really put us in the christmas spirit, along with the avent chocolate.
Thanks again
xxxx Clare xxxx
Mummy to Emily born 4th Feb 2010, 3 baby angels looking after us all.
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Posted 01/12/2010
BRILLIANT CD. I love it and our little man loved the packaging too. I suspect it will bring many happy years!
Happily married to Christopher since 25/05/08
Baby Jakob born Tuesday 9th Feb, 9lb 10oz – was due 26th Jan 2010. 2 weeks late, but worth the wait! 🙂



I Do Love Christmas Music
by Marylin on December 1, 2010

Even though it starts far too early for my liking in shops and such.
When I see the Christmas Coca Cola advert on the telly, I know that it’s almost time to start decorating.

I do have quite a few Christmas cd’s, but none of them seem to have the good old favourites.

Luckily we got our hands on a lovely new album in the post recently, called Snowflake.
“Fun festive favourites for children and grownups” is what it says on the tin, and I’ve got to agree.

Zack knew straight away that it was “Christmas music Mummy!!”

It’s got some of my favourite carols, like Little Donkey, Jingle Bells (every child’s favourite, or at least from those I know!), along with some more recent (and I use that word loosely!) songs like Let It Snow, and White Christmas.

Sophie Baker (singer from Zero 7) does a great job, such a lovely soft voice, often accompanied with a choir in the background.

All in all? Well, the boys are dancing away to this as I type, and I’m not sick of listening to it yet, so it’s a thumbs up for me!

I can see me playing this while putting up the Christmas decorations very soon…
Oooh I do love Christmas time! Don’t you?

You can get Snowflake on Amazon and Play both at very reasonable prices. I’d definitely recommend it to those of us with pre-school aged kids. Even Max loves it. Well, I assume that as he’s swaying to A Little Town of Bethlehem at the moment…



Snowflake : album review

Oh the weather outside is frightful… and yet there’s still something delightful about seeing London and her lambs blanketed with snow in the run-up to Christmas.
As we crunched and shuffled our way to school yesterday morning, Ezra declared ‘Snow is my favouritest weather ever!’

It seems like the perfect moment to tell you about a new CD release called Snowflake filled with songs to get you in the festive mood.

Snowflake compiles various Christmassy songs rejigged, from classic carols like O’ Little Town to more modern ditties e.g. Jingle Bells. Sung by Sophie Barker, lead singer of trip hop band Zero 7 and produced by KK who’s worked with Bjork among others, this is easy listening with a hipster edge.

The Babes and I have been playing the album since November and it always puts a swing in our evening. Ezra digs the jaunty version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer while Jed likes to get his stomp on to Frosty the Snowman.
There’s even a brand new song called Santa’s Little Helper featuring the London Children’s Choir and guest appearance from Old Red Suit himself!

When you’re feeling more bah humbug than ho ho ho, simply pop Snowflake in your player and before long you’ll be lighting candles, cracking open the egg nog or maybe even giving your neighbours a hug. It’s that full of cheer.




Would could more appropriate to review than a CD called Snowflake ? Scotland is snowy central just now and it is forecast all week . My kids are thrilled.

From the makers of Lullaby, a children’s bedtime CD, and Toybox, a collection of nursery rhymes for playtime, the Rainbow Collections is proud to announce the release of the final album in its trilogy – Snowflake.

Snowflake brings to life traditional Christmas songs recreated by the voice of trip-hop band, Zero 7, lead singer Sophie Barker and producer KK who has worked with many famous artists including Bjork and Brian Eno.

Featuring popular all time Christmas classics including ‘Jingle bells’, ‘Frosty the Snowman’, ‘Deck the halls’, ‘Little Donkey’ and ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’, Snowflake includes 16 tracks of stunning new arrangements and festive favourites the whole family can enjoy over the festive period. The album also features a brand new Christmas song called ‘Santa’s Little Helpers’ sung by Sophie and accompanied by the London children’s choir.

Snowflake is available from November 6th at Amazon.co.uk, Play.com and HMV.

We have been big funs since the first listen , the kids all love to get up and sign/dance along . It is really the perfect kids Christmas CD and i am sure it will be a well used CD around here every year. It is a great sing along CD for the car also . I admit the slow tempo Jingle Bells gets us each time and the girls have been requesting i skip it lately (when it is normal there favorite ) , but apart from that one song its as perfect as perfect gets.
Posted by Laura McIntyre at 03:43


Emma said…
Very appropriate!! Great review!! 🙂
29 November 2010 03:48

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Snowflake CD (Friday, 3 December 2010)

In October I did a review and giveaway with the Toybox Nursery Rhyme CD, this time I have been reviewing their Christmas CD called Snowflake.

The Snowflake CD from Rainbow collections is sang and arranged by KK and Sophie Barker from Zero 7 fame.

I broke my no Christmas Songs before the 1st December to review this for you. It’s a mixture traditional and fun Christmas song with a new original song called Santa’s Little Helpers.

Me and BG both like this CD, BG likes to dance around to it (and me!!) and I like how it’s not annoying. It’s quite subtle and laid back and enjoyable to listen to. It will be playing while me and BG do our Christmas Crafts this year.

Would I Buy It? Yes



Snowflake–Rainbow Collections CD

By mummymatters, on December 13th, 2010

Christmas has definitely arrived in the Mummy Matters household!!  We were sent this CD to review and I have to admit we’ve been that busy playing it and dancing around that I totally forgot to post our thoughts on it, so that’s got to be good right?  Breakfast time in our house is always a musical time, we put our CD’s or iPod on, eat our breakfast and finish off by dancing around the kitchen.  Little Bean has asked for Snowflake every day since we received it – and dare I say, when the babies are in bed, I’ve put it on whilst I’m doing the cleaning.  It has really got me into the Christmas spirit this year – even Beanie Boy smiles and kicks his legs like a mad thing in his bouncer.

Snowflake is the third album from Rainbow Collections by Sophie Barker (of Zero 7 fame) and KK.  Sophie has a magical voice which really appeals to children, making them an instant winner.  The album includes some of the best seasonal songs such as Jingle Bells, Little Donkey, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and Winter Wonderland.  My personal favourite is Santa’s Little Helpers which is performed by Sophie and London Young Voices childrens’ choir.

Snowflake can be purchased at Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, Play.com and iTunes.  This is a cracking pre-Christmas must-have or a fantastic little stocking filler.

I did have a really cute video of Little Bean dancing around to this in the kitchen but my computer hasn’t fallen out with me so I’ve been unable to attach the clip this time (I’m sulking now!).







The Rainbow Collections Toybox and Snowflake – Children’s CD Reviews & Giveaway!

by Ellie on December 10, 2010

There’s nothing quite so sweet as watching your child singing. Especially when they haven’t exactly grasped language yet.

Little E, my youngest at 18 months, loves nothing more than singing and dancing to ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, especially the version on an album ‘Lullaby’, which we were kindly given to review earlier this year. We absolutely adored the album, and were thrilled when the people at the Rainbow Collections, sent us two more CDs to complete the collection.

Toybox is the second album in the trilogy from Zero 7’s singer Sophie Barker and producer KK. Filled with favourite nursery rhymes such as ‘Ring A Ring O’ Roses’, ‘Old MacDonald’, ‘If you’re Happy and You Know It’ this CD is so much more than your usual brash sounding children’s music. Rich sounds, often bewitching arrangements, and Sophie Barker’s velvety tones, make this beautiful album easy on the adult ear and a treat for children.

To complete The Rainbow Collections, ‘Snowflake’ is a wonderful collection of old and new Christmas songs. From classics like ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’, to nativity staple ‘Little Donkey’ and the sing along loveliness of ‘Jingle Bells’, yet again Sophie Barker and KK, bring their own special magical twist to these well known festive favourites.

Both CDs are accompanied by beautifully illustrated songbooks and make a wonderful addition to any little one’s music collection.

Fancy getting your hands on a copy of ‘Toybox’ as the perfect stocking filler this Christmas? Look no further! I have a copy to giveaway to one luck reader! All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me your earliest memory of music.







REVIEW* The other big favourite with the 4yo this month has been the Rainbow Collection, Snowflake CD we were sent. Lots of Christmas songs to really get you in the festive mood. Created by Zero 7 lead singer Sophie Barker and producer KK which those of you who are down with the kids may have heard of – I’m obviously WAY over the target age demographic here, this is the kind of CD that your child will insist on being played on a constant loop.  Luckily it’s even bearable on the eleventybillionth listen which is a pretty good sign.  RRP £9.99, it’s available here for £7.99







Let it snow! (…at 35 degrees)

November 25 2010

OK, so admittedly I’m writing to you from the east coast of Australia

in blistering (mid summer) 35 degree heat… but hey..

Earlier this year, in an England iced in snow and frost,  myself,

Sophie Barker and friends attempted to recapture the lost magical

spirit of traditional, childhood Christmas’ past, by creating Snowflake

– an album full of new arrangements of festive favourites from yesteryear.

Snowflake is Volume 3 of our Rainbow Collections series of music for children (and grown ups too), and features the following lovingly crafted seasonal tracks :

1. Jingle Bells
2. Frosty the Snowman
3. Little Donkey
4. Santa’s Little Helpers (new song!)
5. O Little Town
6. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
7. O Christmas Tree
8. Let it Snow!
9. Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas
10. White Christmas
11. Deck the Halls
12. Sleigh Ride
13. The First Noel
14. We Wish You a Merry Xmas
15. Winter Wonderland
16. The Night Before Christmas

So, if you have been good this year (or even if you haven’t) –
ask Santa (or Amazon / iTunes)
to pop one in your stocking and (geographical location and/or extreme weather conditions related to global warming not withstanding) let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

happy holidays/bah humbug,


The Rainbow Collections Vol 2 : Toybox

Have kids? Tired of hearing the usual irritating cheesy keyboard arrangements by the likes of tweenies, postman pat etc?.. Is the soundtrack to your kids playtime becoming unbearable?…

Enough is enough, throw away the junkfood kids musak and put on our new childrens’ album, “Toybox” !

The album was created by myself and Sophie Barker (of Zero 7) as the second
part of our Rainbow Collections series of quality music for children. Volume 1
‘Lullaby’ was released a few years ago and has become a word of mouth success amongst children & grownups alike (I even heard of an old couple who play it nightly to their dogs)

If you’re familiar with Lullaby, you’ll get the idea.. Again we tried to re-imagine these classic songs which have been ‘lost’ over the years, spoiled by countless awful arrangements, and for once make music of quality for children (and the grown ups around them).

It’s a record for daytime, a soundtrack for playtime, featuring all the classic fun kids songs from Grand Old Duke Of York to Humpty Dumpty.. And as they’re the traditional nursery rhymes and childrens songs, here’s also some history, english language and all round education your kids (and you!) might pick up along the way..

Find out more and hear clips etc at : www.therainbowcollections.com